BEUCHAT Dalış Bilgisayarı MUNDIAL 3, Zıpkınla Av ve Serbest Dalış için

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BEUCHAT Dalış Bilgisayarı MUNDIAL 3 - Zıpkınla av ve serbest dalış için
 Make the most of your apnea sessions !

The Mundial 3 not only lets you record, display and analyse your dives to help you improve, but also allows you to configure and personalise various alarms for your training sessions

Easier navigation
Dive mode start of dive time counter : automatic wet activation or by the selection ot the depth 0.6m/1.2m/1.8m
Readouts during the dive: current depth, dive time
Readouts on surface: maximum depth and dive time, time elapsed on surface
Alarms with backlight glow: maximum time under water, minimum recovery time on surface, dive depth 3 confi gurable alarms , repeat depth interval
Dive history: total number of dives, total dive time, records, data and averages for each dive Two historical modes: daily mode and overall mode over the lifetime of the device
Auto reset of the Countdown Time
Sea water/fresh water options
Batteries can be replaced by the use
Memory: up to 99 dives per day


Differences and changing features with the mundial 2:
The "Step Back" ability added so in the event the wrong option was saved, it is no longer necessary to advance through every menu option, The Two-Button press eliminated and replaced with Single-Button press menu navigation, view multiple logs consecutively without the hassle of re-entering the Log Menu
Automatic wet activation
Backlight Glow During Alarms
Auto reset of the Countdown Timer

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